We hide your online activity and do not peek on it ourselves.


With our VPN, you won’t have to worry about third parties abusing your data, everything is encrypted!


Our servers are fast and you will browse with the speed you’re used to.

About Starlit VPN

Secure your connection with a state-of-art encryption that will not allow any third parties to collect and utilize your data in a way that you don’t want to!

Feel free to enjoy an outstanding set of features that will smoothen out the usual troubles one has when going online.

Starlit VPN is lightweight and easy to use, you only need one tap to set it up and it’s ready to protect!

We’ve handpicked plenty of servers all around the world so that you’re always in control of your connection and able to utilize it your own way.

We will also take care of annoying pop-ups and untrustworthy websites to further improve the way you browse.

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    User-friendly and fast
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    Without any ads
  • 03
    Anonymous and secure
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    24/7 support
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    Numerous servers